Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Cast and Crew

These people are the ones with whom I share some of my most treasured memories.

SexyHotness: This girl is one of a kind. She's incredibly adorable and very easy to get along with. She is the one with whom I stay up with until 5am in the morning on a school night just talking about whatever comes to mind. No matter when or where were are I can always count on this girl for some good conversation and company.

Pumpkin, the Tigress: Damn this girl is fierce! Bestest girl friend at college. We met freshman year under interesting conditions. Before we had formally met, I remember seeing her several times around campus and during freshman orientation. She left a certain impression, nothing in particular but she was just memorable. We were properly introduced when i found her looking up information about grad schools on a mutual friend's computer. Over the year we became close friends as she would be my confidant and help me pursue a girl that I was interested in at the time. From meeting her till now, she's been the voice of fun and reason in my head.

CowGirl: The perfect country girl. She's got a sweet subtle charm that will entrance any man's heart. One of the smartest girls that I've ever met and she drives a manual muscle car in heels. She is my dance partner on the dance floor and stick shift sensei. You can't help but admire her dedication to excellence and modesty.
Treegirl: My goodness this girl is the sweetest I've ever met. She's incredibly caring and a down to earth country girl. Did I also mention she's an awesome photographer? Despite being female, she is the ultimate bro. She's the one that will drop everything to drive an hour and a half on a sunday night to help you talk through your problems. She's daring and brazen and I am forever grateful to have her as a friend.

Little: My little brother. I don't know where to start with this guy. He's not related to me by blood, but by a bond much stronger than that. We've roomed together for semester and in that short amount of time became close friends know about most if not all the skeletons in each other's closet.

Rambo: A knife twirlin' gun totin' gear grindin' mean son uva gun. He's macho and metro at the same time. I met him through a friend and went on a "spirited drive" with this guy and it was one hell of a blast. He's easy to get along with and always up for a good time.

There're more but these are the constants I can't do without.


Well Hello Hello

Why Hello!

I'm here to express myself through a stream of consciousness. There's no particular theme here, just thoughts and photos. =) I admit, I won't always be PG, or politically correct, or sensitive, but hey, F-it.

I'll be posting more in the near future, but for now I just want to say hello.

-Mr FF